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Đề bài: Young people who commit crimes should be treated in the same as as adults who commit crimes. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

IELTS Essay Sample 1 - Band 7.0

Those who believe all ages should receive equal treatment, point out that this will engender a greater deterring effect. The main reason that all individuals in society are punished is not for justice alone, but as a means to ensure others will not commit similar crimes. Young people learn in school and the world generally that their actions will have consequences and that crimes are punishable with prison time and other penalties. If these censures are weakened, then the chances a young person will attempt to commit a crime will logically increase, even if the total number of young people engaging in criminal behavior today is lower than at any point in human history.

However, age is a just mitigating factor. Adults who commit crimes have had more time to develop socially and intellectually while young people might not fully grasp the consequences of their choices for themselves and others. For instance, there have been recent cases where young people were influenced by extremist elements now pervasive in social media. Young people are more impressionable in these situations and often lack the confidence and maturity to think for themselves. This vulnerability extends to their emotional and intellectual development and justifies laws that protect young people from receiving overly harsh sentences.

In conclusion, though there are practical reasons to support equal punishments for all ages, this alteration would be unfair to young people. Courts should consider a range of factors before selecting an appropriate punishment.

Từ vựng hay:

  • reformers: những nhà cải cách
  • treated equally under the law: đối xử bình đẳng
  • ostensible fairness: sự công bằng
  • psychological differences: khác biệt về mặt tâm lý
  • engender: tạo ra
  • as a means to = in order to: để làm gì
  • commit similar crimes: gây ra tội ác tương tự
  • actions will have consequences: mọi hành động đều có cái giá của nó
  • punishable: có thể áp dụng hình phạt
  • censures: sự chỉ trích
  • lower than at any point in human history: thấp hơn bất cứ thời điểm ào từng được ghi nhận
  • mitigating factor: tình tiết giảm nhẹ
  • extremist elements = strong opinion
  • pervasive: phổ biến
  • impressionable: dễ bị ảnh hưởng
  • maturity: sự trưởng thành
  • receiving overly harsh sentences: chịu những hình phạt quá nặng nề

IELTS Essay Sample 2 - Band 7.5

In the modern world, many teenagers are keen to commit minor crimes, because of lack of knowledge and experience. In this regard, although there is an opinion that they should be treated in the same as adults, others feel that the authorities should create a special system of penalization for them, because their cognitive abilities are not developed as equally as adults.

There is no denying that many adolescents do not realize the consequences of their actions. In this reason, the majority of people believe that if youngsters are treated in the same as adults, it cannot encourage the young people to avoid wrongdoings. It is widely accepted that in order to decrease the level of crime among youngsters, the encouragement of avoiding such kinds of perpetrations is essential, because young people are stressful and nervous that previous generation. Accordingly, many factors can affect them to do wrongdoings. A good illustration of this is social networking sites. Due to the level of violence on the internet, youngsters can be influenced by its aggression.

On the other hand, others individuals feel that the legislative branch should treat adolescents as equal as grown people, because due to advanced technologies, many children are informed about the consequences of wrongdoings. In this regard, introducing special law for young people cannot be a viable option, because they can abuse their situation. To illustrate, nowadays, many young people illegally drive a car. However, this law-breaking of youngsters is not penalized, because of their age.

In conclusion, although many people tend to think that adolescents should treat in the same as grown people, others feel that because of underdevelopment of their cognitive skills and lack of experience can give them a special right to avoid any sentences. Personally, I reckon that young people should not treat in the same way as grown people.

Từ vựng hay:

  • commit minor crimes: phạm tội vặt
  • create a special system: tạo ra một hệ thống đặc biệt
  • penalization: sự trừng phạt
  • cognitive abilities: khả năng nhận thức
  • wrongdoing: việc làm sai
  • perpetration: sự phạm tội
  • social networking site: trang mạng xã hội
  • legislative branch: cơ quan Lập pháp
  • law-breaking of youngster: việc làm sai của người trẻ
  • underdevelopment: sự kém phát triển

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